Healthcare Excellence

Sun Electro Medical Devices is striving to provide solution in Healthcare Industry. Established in 2009, Sun has developed as one solution provider company in field of ICU & Operating Room. Sun has been continuously updating and introducing innovative and advanced technology products in Healthcare Industry for better patient treatment and care.

Our Product Categories

ICU/OT Equipments

The equipment used in the ICU is critical in monitoring and managing patients' vital signs, ensuring their safety, and providing the best possible care.

Modular OT

The modular operating theatre offer the advantage of speedy construction combined with design, future expansion and development in surgical technique.

Van Fabrication

Owing to a modernized infrastructure for trouble-free processing & post-production, we are instrumental in offering a wide assortment of Advanced Life Support Ambulance

Medical Gas Supply System

The anaesthesia gas supply system is designed to provide a safe, cost-effective and convenient system for the delivery of medical gases at the point of-use.

Hospital Furniture

The design of hospital furniture adopts advanced technology to meet the needs of patients. In addition to comfort and relaxation, hospital furniture should also be safe & sterile

Latest Projects

Tunga Hospital

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Ashwini Hospital

Mumbai, Maharashtra

BJ Wadia Hospital

Mumbai, Maharashtra