HyBase 6100

Operating table

  • Decompression mattress for the comfort of patients to remove the incidence of decubitus ulcer, with an antistatic, waterproof and seamless design
  • High level weight capacity in normal and reverse positions
  • Internal battery maintaining power supply for 50-80 operations
  • 600 mm lowest table position after adjusting the patient position, making it suitable for neurosurgery and minimally invasive surgery

Engineered for increasingly complex surgical scenes, HyBase needs least effor t and time to position the patient in a safe, comfor table and efficient way. Insightful to the surgeon and nurse's needs, Mindray is answering demands for a total solution of operating table with:

  • Better mattress for the comfor t of patients
  • Safe and efficient patient positioning
  • Know-how for maximizing the versatility
  • Decompression mattress with antistatic, waterproof and seamless design
  • Electric longitudinal shift for 320 mm
  • Weight capacity of 250 Kg in normal position
  • Weight capacity of 190 kg in reverse position
  • Battery power for 50-80 operations
  • 600 mm low table position for Neurosurger y & Minimal Invasive Surger y
  • Electric brake system for optimum stability
  • Return to original position with one button
  • Flex & Reflex position with one button
  • Radiolucent table plate for free C-arm access
  • Three control panels including remote panel, column panel & foot switch


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