HyLED 9 Series

LED Surgical Light

With cutting-edge LED technology, the HyLED 9 Series provides excellent illumination, ergonomic and compact design, and long service life, giving you fully support in ORĀ·

  • Intelligent Shadow Management System
  • Premium Illumination Performance
  • Unique Electrical Light Field Adjustment
  • Variable Color Temperature
  • Ergonomic and Compact Design
  • Innovative HD Camera System

Intelligent shadow management system

When medical teams stand below surgical lights, there is inevitable light obstruction. With the intelligent AICS, the loss of such illumination is immediately compensated. The intelligent system ensures automatic adaption of light emission dependant on the users head positioning, by maintaining obstructed light emission and enhancing remaining zones.

AICS (Automatic Illumination Control System)

Mindray has merged the latest technology into the HyLED 9 Series surgical light to minimize light head adjustment during the surgery and optimize surgical team efficiency.

Premium Illumination Performance

Each LED unit has a separated circuit and therefore can be replaced individually, ensuring low maintenance cost. Suitable for various surgeries with a maximum light intensity of 160,000 lux

Reliable color and improved contrasts with a color rendering index up to Ra 96.

Several functions can be adjusted electronically on the touch screen panel (optional)

  • Switch on/off
  • Illumination intensity (20 levels)
  • Light field diameter
  • Color temperature (3,000-5,000K, 5 ranks)
  • Ambient mode for endoscopy
  • Camera control

Each latest generation LED illuminates far longer than traditional light sources.

Unique Electrical Light Field Adjustment

Mindray adopts optical lens technology that uniformly distributes the emitted light.

Each lens unit in the light head generates its own homogenous light beam and light patch. This results in excellent illumination with a maximum light intensity of 160,000 lux, providing a light with uniform illumination across the entire surgical light field.

HyLED 9 Series uses the unique electrical control pattern to adjust the light field diameter: increase or decrease the quantity of the lighted bulbs.

The light field diameter may be adjusted for various size operating fields. This large diameter combined with the double light head ensures the HyLED 9 Series provides you with choice and helps assist multiple surgical needs.

Variable Color Temperature

The HyLED 9 light provides a light column with either a fixed daylight-like color temperature - 4,350K, or a color temperature variable from 3,000 - 5,000K. This function is helpful to distinguish the difference between various tissue types and the perception of true tissue colors, which is used especially within cardiac surgery.

Mindray offers a special light source system with a uniform mixed light of cool white LEDs and warm white LEDs to realize the color temperature adjustment. The light colors within the surgical area will not be affected or produce a "Rainbow effect" when surgeons block some of the light source during surgery.

Additionally, the color temperature of multiple light heads can be synchronized directly with the "SYNC" button on the touch screen control panel.

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