BeneView T5/T8

Patient Monitor

Mobile monitoring solution

  • A dedicated Anesthesia monitor
  • A monitor designed for your OR
  • A platform with fully Connection

Design for clinical needs

We understand the need for accurate and reliable information to assist in developing a suitable care plan for a wide variety of patients. Working with clinicians, Mindray designed the BeneView range to deliver the performance and features required to monitor even the most critical of patients.

The fully configurable, modular BeneView offers the capability and parameters that you need to monitor patients at all levels of acuit y. With powerful func tionality and flexible configurations, the BeneView series gives care teams the vital information they need at the bedside or during transport.

High resolution displays and user-defined layouts provide the exceptional visibility and usability needed for all monitoring applications.

BeneView's Multi-Parameter Module (MPM) offers the ability to easily transfer your patient from one monitor to another without the need to disconnect cables and sensors simply by moving the MPM. The MPM stores up to 24 hours of patient data - ensuring continuity of information during transfer

BeneView patient monitors are designed to meet your monitoring needs for a wide range of patients from adult to neonate in most clinical environments, from operating rooms to intensive care; from neonatal intensive care to coronary care units.

Standard parameters in the MPM include ECG, SpO , NIBP, Temperature and Invasive Blood 2 Pressures. Choose between Nell cor and Masimo's Motion-tolerant SpO . Optional 12 2 lead ECG with arrhythmia and ST analysis can be chosen for your more critical patients

The modular design enables clinicians to easily choose additional parameters to suit the patient's acuity. These include extra invasive blood pressure channels, Continuous Cardiac Output, ICG, ScvO , Co , Respiratory Functions, 2 2 Respiratory Gas Monitoring and Aspect BISx or BISx4 functionality. The BeneView range is designed to make it easy for you to add new features and software to meet your changing clinical needs.

Designed with an open architecture, BeneView streamlines your workflow and makes patient information more accessible by acquiring data from other bedside devices and communicating with your hospital information system.


High resolution 12.1" (T5) / 17" (T8) touchscreen offers a choice of display modes for optimal visualisation of data, and makes many functions quickly accessible through simple, one-touch commands

Compact Multi-Parameter Module integrates your most frequently used parameters into a single unit

The Multi-gas Module offers comprehensive breath-by-breath analysis of inspired and expired O2, CO2, N2O and five anaesthetic agents

  • Smallest in size
  • Plug-and-play, easy to share
  • Automatic agent identification
  • Minimum sampling rate of 70 ml/min, suitable for adult, pediatric, and neonate
  • BIS measurement can be Integrated

Your preferred screen layout, quick keys and monitor settings can be saved as user-configurations. 10 user-configurations can be stored in the BeneView and up to 100 additional user configurations can be saved on a memory stick. With up to 12 Waveforms on the T8 and up to 8 waveforms on the T5 combined with comprehensive numeric data, BeneView gives clinicians see a full picture of the patient's condition.

Offering 8 additional module bays, the BeneView Satellite Module Rack enables clinicians to add parameters - easily expanding the capability of the monitor. A wide range of parameter modules are available to meet the needs of the highest acuity patients.

More information at bedside improves patient care

The high resolution touchsreen, 1280*1024 for T8, 800*600 for T5, offers exceptional visibility for waveforms and numerical data. Additional, BeneView offers clinicians more information such as 12- lead arrhythmia and ST segment analysis, cardiac output measurement, respiratory loops and OxyCRG etc.

BeneView has extensive data storage and management capability enabling caregivers to view and manipulate critical patient information.

  • Up to 48 hours of Full Disclosure waveforms and numeric data.
  • Review up to 120 hours of tabular and graphic trends including OxyCRG.
  • Print reports on the integral recorder or to a networked printer.
  • For added peace of mind in busy departments, the View-Other-Patient function enables clinicians to view other patients on the network at the bedside where they are working. Monitoring station.

Advanced platform streamlines the workflow within hospital

The Multi-parameter Module stores up to 24 hours of patient data. Critical information can move with the patient throughout the hospital, e.g. from Emergency room to OR or from OR to ICU – giving caregivers an uninterrupted view of their patient's situation.

The MPM is easy to move, it enables transfer of patients without the need to uncouple cables or reconfigure the monitor allowing the clinician to focus on the patient

The open architecture of BeneView offers extensive connectivity options

  • Using the plug-and-play BeneLink Module, up to four other devices, such as ventilators, can be connected to your monitor - delivering more information to you at the bedside.
  • With HL7 protocol and gateway capability, BeneView can interface with your Hospital Information System or Clinical Information System. Patients are easily admitted and important vital signs data can be transferred to the patient's record. This efficient process improves productivity, reduces the risk of transcription errors and allows caregivers to focus on the patient.
  • Images from the PACS system and results from the laboratory are displayed clearly on the BeneView, or on a secondary display, giving clinicians access to the information needed to support clinical decision making and enhance patient care.
  • Our innovative clinical network solutions allow continuity of patient monitoring throughout your clinical area. Caregivers can view real-time physiologic data and comprehensive trend information at the Hypervisor Central Monitoring Station. Hypervisor provides a complete solution for your wired or wireless LAN, combining effective and flexible monitoring capability and clinical support tools with an intuitive user interface.

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