BeneView T1

Patient Monitor

Mobile monitoring solution

  • Mobility on your terms
  • Powerful transport module and versatile monitor


  • Patient-centric. BeneView T1 has been designed to follow the patient throughout the points of care. When at the bedside, it functions as a multiparameter module inside the BeneView main unit. For patient transport, BeneView T1 can be quickly removed and is able to operate as an independent patient monitor.
  • Easy to use. The BeneView T1 transport module is based on the BeneView Patient Monitor platform. With its intuitive user interface and ergonomic design, T1 is simple to learn and easy to use.
  • Flexible. T1 is compatible with all BeneView Patient Monitors and operates through simple plug and play technology.
  • Its automatic brightness control function ensures optimum data visibility under a variety of lighting conditions.


  • High performance monitoring. BeneView T1 is suitable for patients at all levels of acuity. T1 offers a wide range of monitoring parameters including ECG, NIBP, Temperature, SpO2, IBP and EtCO2. It can 2 2 also support 12-lead ECG, C.O and PiCCO.
  • The fully configurable 5" screen can display up to 12 waveforms, allowing for comprehensive patient assessment during transport.
  • Powerful data management. T1 records up to 48 hours of Full Disclosure waveforms and data. Caregivers can retrieve and display up to 120 hours of graphic and tabular trends* in addition to 1,000 NIBP measurements.
  • Personalized user configurations can be conveniently saved on a USB memory device and uploaded to different BeneView T1 monitor.
  • * At 1 minute intervals


  • Easy to carry. At less than 1Kg weight*, the compact T1 is exceptionally portable.
  • The built-in Li-ion battery supports up to 5 hours of continuous monitoring.The battery can be recharged through the BeneView main unit, an AC adapter or a battery charger. Patient monitoring will not be disrupted during battery change.
  • One hand operation. BeneView T1 fits perfectly into one hand, leaving the other hand to operate its functional touch screen.
  • Versatile mounting solutions. A variety of mounting solutions offer enhanced mobility. T1 features an ergonomic carrying handle and can easily be mounted on a bed-rail or a pole stand.


  • Advanced networking. BeneView T1 guarantees continuity of patient data, even during transport. When removed from the BeneView monitor, the T1 automatically connects to the Hypervisor VI central monitoring system via integrated WiFi.
  • BeneView's View Other Patient function allows real- time patient information to be retrieved from the T1.
  • Intelligent data synch. All data collected during patient transport will automatically be uploaded to the central monitoring system when the T1 is returned to the BeneView patient monitor.

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