iPM Series

Patient Monitor

iPM 8/10/12

  • Your Efficient Partner for Acute Care
  • Flexible Modular Design and Comprehensive Monitoring
  • Easy-to-Use Design for Intuitive Operation Early warning score Mini-trend for easier trend analysis OxyCRG display
  • Convenient and Ergonomic Design
  • Optimized Connectivity for Improved Information-flow

Your Efficient Partner for Acute Care

  • The iPM patient monitor series, including iPM 8, iPM 10, and iPM 12, has been designed to meet everyday clinical requirements, integrating seamlessly into the hospital workflow.
  • In acute care, a patient monitor must be reliable, easy to use, upgradeable with advanced parameters, while allowing data access when and where needed. In case of patient transport, the device should be easy to carry.
  • With its lightweight and plug-and-play modular design, powerful functions and intuitive user interface, the iPM patient monitor is therefore an optimal choice for acute care.

Flexible Modular Design and Comprehensive Monitoring

  • The iPM main unit provides the most frequently used vital parameters including ECG, NIBP, SpO , temperature 2 and respiration. Thanks to iPM's plug-and-play modular structure, advanced monitoring functions such as IBP, C.O., EtCO , multi-gas or BIS can be flexibly added according to specific clinical requirements.
  • Additionally, modules with advanced parameter can be shared among beds, which offers a flexible and efficient solution.

Easy-to-Use Design for Intuitive Operation

  • The iPM series has been designed to meet the requirements of various hospital environments. The parameters of the main unit fit every standard monitoring demand. The optional modules upgrade the iPM series to suit acute care monitoring.
  • iPM's intuitive interface includes mass alarm set up, large font, and view-other-patient functions. This interface together with the touch screen, rotary knob, and customized quick keys, makes the iPM series exceptionally user friendly.
  • The iPM series is compatible with a full range of mounting options. Its integrated quick-release mount allows to conveniently and quickly mount it for bedside monitoring and dismount it for transportation.
  • iPM's built-in recorder and automatic event recording function guarantee the integrity of monitoring data.

Convenient and Ergonomic Design

  • Its compact and ergonomic design allows the module to be easily inserted and released using just one hand.
  • A one-touch mechanism allows to quickly disengage the monitor from the wall mount or rolling stand for transport.
  • A 360-degree viewable alarm for safe patient care. The top alarm indicator can be seen from any angle and thus allows the clinician to react quickly to critical situations.
  • A bed-rail hook is embedded in the handle and allows for quick and reliable mounting.

Optimized Connectivity for Improved Information-flow

  • iPM is able to connect with the Central Monitoring System and eGateway through both wired and wireless network.
  • By applying HL7 protocol, iPM can be connected to the Hospital Information System. The solution improves the information-flow and eliminates the risk of transcription errors.
  • iPM's view-other-patient function allows real time information exchange between bedsides. Up to 10 beds can be viewed simultaneously. This helps to establish an efficient network solution even without central monitoring system.
  • iPM records up to 48 hours of full disclosure waveforms and 120 hours of graphic and tabular trends. This helps caregivers to provide earlier and more accurate diagnosis.

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