Patient Monitor

100% Performance with 50% Energy

  • An innovative patient monitor with “green” credentials, Mindray’s iMEC helps you to reduce your hospital’s ecological footprint and to contribute to a sustainable care environment.
  • Exceptional Design and Cost-Effective Monitoring
  • Reliable Technology for Improved Usability

Patient Care in One Touch

Through its simple and intuitive touch screen display, iMEC offers instant access to all functions and allows you to monitor your patients in a quicker and more convenient way.

Customizable hot keys provide shortcuts to the most frequently used functions, saving you time for patient care.

Quick and Easy Monitoring

A compact and light weight design make iMEC easy to carry while optional bedrail mounting allows for convenient in-hospital transport.

An optional rolling stand provides iMEC with maximum mobility. Both rolling stand and wall mount feature simple mounting and quick release.

iMEC's user-friendly interface is intuitive and easy to use.

  • Dynamic mini-trends provide up to 8 hours of useful information on your patient's status.
  • Large font display offers a clear view of all vital signs and allows you to monitor your patient from a distance.
  • "View other bed" helps you to monitor other patients directly at the bedside on the iMEC without accessing the central station.

Auto detectable 3 or 5 lead ECG and self-adjusting ECG, SpO and IBP waveforms 2 allow you to spend more time on patient care and less time on operating the monitor.

The centralized alarm system enables you to quickly review and modify alarm settings.

The logical review of alarms, events, trends and full-disclosure data helps you to quickly and accurately assess a patient's situation.

With LAN and Wi-Fi capability, your iMEC can communicate with the HyperVisor VI Central Monitoring System both from the bedside and during transport.

Optimized Structural Design – Simplifying Upgrades and Maintenance

The iMEC is designed to simplify maintenance and make it easy to perform future upgrades.

Future software upgrades can be performed on one IMEC or multiple iMECs simultaneously through a standard RJ45 port.

The USB port allows you to transfer patient data to a PC and to copy your personalized user settings to different iMECs.

The maintenance-free Li-ion battery offers up to 4 hours continuous monitoring.

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